Thursday, December 28, 2006


Friday is my last day of day shift; I'm so happy I could dance - actually I think I will dance! I cannot wait to go back to nights so I can sleep in til 10 a.m., shower, make lunch, watch tv, play on the internet, then mosey into the office. That's freedom! None of this up at 5, on the bus at 7, at work at 8, home at 6 pm.. ugh; no way!

Cannot wait.
Cannot wait.

Going back to Kamloops for New Years! Yay, though really not that interesting. Probably should have just stayed home but since mom is here I guess I can't tell her "sorry, go back without me..I know I screwed up your week plans.." :) Ah well, she's been having a nice mini-vacation driving me to work and going back to sleep. You know, when she's gone I think I'm going to really miss driving in a car to work. It's got me started on seriously considering getting my full license and buying a smart car. Damnit! Mom!!!

Good night everyone! :)


MT said...

Hi! Wish you a very happy new year in advance!

medrecgal said...

I could relate to the "I'm so happy I could dance" comment, though in my case it was because I recently found out that I actually passed my RHIT certification exam. So hopefully it will be a happy new year for both of us! I find your blog interesting & sometimes rather funny...keep it coming!