Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas


To all my blog readers and friends. :) I made the journey safely to my parents' house in Kamloops from Vancouver; took just over 3 1/2 hours to get there. My grandfather came with my dad to pick me up at work which was great. Just around 5 minutes into Kamloops though, I was talking with the other guy we gave a ride to (the brother of a friend of the family) and I felt my nasals drop a bit then, instantly, it felt like my head exploded. I had the worst headache I've ever had in my life; so painful I could not even touch my face. My ears were aching, the headache wrapped from one ear around the back of my head to the other and behind my eyes. I was crying in no more than 3 seconds. It stayed with me more or less for the rest of the night. Mother attributes it to the change in altitude.

But I'm here now so that's all that matters.

One of my mother's clients brought over gifts for us the other night before I got here and apparently a few of them for myself and my younger sister are, in a word, "risky". The woman sells sex toys and stuff like flavored edible body lotion etc. She had a party at our place before I moved out and laughed so hard at my younger sister hightailing it out of the room. She wants to be here when we open the gifts from her, I hope she'll be surprised with my reaction. My sister will die of embarrassment at whatever she got though.

Yesterday we were in McDonald's and I was telling my family that a few months ago one of the orthopedic surgeons was raffling himself off, kind of like an auction. If you win, you get to spend the day with him and see what he does. I told then that I think the winner paid over $1,000 for him. My grandmother who, as far as I knew, was a very sweet, devout Catholic woman looks at me and goes "Well, I hopes you gots to sleep with him for that price!" (She's a Newfoundlander so they talk different). Everyone at the table just about killed themselves laughing. Now we know where my dad gets his pervertedness. We always thought it was from my grandfather and here it's from my grandmother! Then they (Nanny and Poppy) were talking about how Poppy was going to get Nan drunk and take advantage of her. Nan was going "You can't take advantage if I is a willing participant!"


No idea what this day is going to bring. Although I've been up for over 2 hours already and it's not even 8 am.

Again, Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope yours brings lots of happiness and joy, good times with family and tons of memories!



Patient Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't know you were a fellow Canadian! YAY! Okay, that makes me sound mildly xenophobic...don't misunderstand, people! I love everyone! From everywhere! PA does not discriminate! I just get excited when I see other people from Canada online.

Your family sounds hilarious. East Coasters are a riot!

MT said...

You really write very well. I was laughing here myself! How old is your grandma by the way?

SuperStenoGirl said...

Nanny (grandma) is 75, though you wouldn't know it by looking at her.

There were many, many laughs last weekend and I'm sure I'll eventually regail my readers with them though some were a "you had to be there" situation. Still, never a dull moment in my family. :)