Monday, January 1, 2007

Update and New Year wishes..

My last post, regarding my grandmother, left out some information that I have since learned. First being she has had the cough going on 20 years, I have only noticed it though (it's gotten worse) in the last 5 years. She has had gastroscopies and they have shown nothing. She has never had a bronchoscopy.

She has bronchitis. Last night we almost had to call EHS. We didn't think she was going to survive, she was coughing and coughing. There was something, she said, stuck in her throat which was; from our assumption, the bronchitis.

Today after not getting sleep last night my dad took her to the hospital. It's been 4 days on antibiotics with nothing getting better. We were worried she had pneumonia as the walk-in clinic doctor had mused about it. The ER docs gave her oxygen and some different pills to take. After the oxygen she perked right up apparently (I wasn't there, being driven home to Vancouver by my mother).

She apparently has an appointment with a "specialist" (I'm guessing ENT doc) sometime later this month in Winnepeg. I really hope they figure out what's going on.

As for the rest of my holiday - it was all going fine until today when all hell broke out in the family. Long, long story with lots of factors on why it broke out today which I dont want to get into. All I have to say is it's mostly healed now and I hope things can go back to normal..or mostly normal. I hate being a) a referee and b) drawn into arguments that have nothing to do with me.

By the way - Happy 2007 to everyone! How did y'all bring in the new year? I did by sleeping, not intentional but..yea.

Happy New Year and best wishes for the next 12 months :)


medrecgal said...

I brought in the new year rather boringly, but something cool did happen just before the holidays. This will be my year to join the ranks in those "4 by 6 cubicles under the flourescent lights of Hell..." (aka Health Records). I passed my RHIT certification exam, so now I can get on with the business of finding a permanent job!

Hopefully they'll find some way to resolve your grandmother's problem... chronic problems like this are often the hardest to treat, particularly when there's no spectacularly obvious cause. As great as our healthcare system can be, it has some serious flaws. All we can do is ensure that Health Records isn't one of them.

Patient Anonymous said...

I too hope the problems can be resolved. That is way too long for a "simple cough" to have persisted.

I'm also sorry that things had to things had to end up in some sort of fiasco for the holidays(?) I hope that things work out there too.