Friday, February 23, 2007

Fired..well, almost.

So, as it turns out, one of the doctors complained about me. Here's the situation:

Dr. Orthopod comes into the office at 4:15 pm. He asks me if he can get a print of his report on Patient A. I check it out in the computer and see that it was printed the day before. Now, what I said to him is exactly this:

"I'm sorry, but it's already been printed. While I can physically print it, I am no long allowed to do so. Unfortunately, you will have to speak to ROI tomorrow morning, since they leave at 4 pm, you won't be able to speak to them until then. You can however, view the report on PCI. Or, you can go next door and ask Patsy if maybe she find it in the pile from the printer."

Apparently, I didn't sugar-coat it enough. Didn't smile enough. Didn't ass kiss enough. So I was hauled in by my boss this week and told I need to speak to the doctors a little nicer. Meanwhile, Marlene, the coworker with 10 weeks left to retirement had turned to the doctor and said "it's a stupid rule, they're all bitches up there in head office". How is that nicer than what I said? I told him exactly what I had been told to tell him. I said it nicely, I spoke clearly, I smiled. And I get in trouble. Learn how to speak more professionally to the doctors, I'm told.

I didn't swear. I called him Dr. Orthopod. I gave him all of the options I could. But despite this, he still went over my head to head office and my boss. Either he did or Patsy did, the girl from health records. She probably did, because she kept coming back complaining that there was 8 inches of papers to go through to get to his and there's no way she's doing it etc. etc.

Either way, I came - yet again - close to being canned.
I'm not sure how much more of this I can do. I'm almost ready to take myself into the back room, keep the lights out and pretend no one is there just to avoid this sort of stuff.


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Helen said...

That's horrible! I'm sorry! I guess 'they're all bitches at headoffice" sounds more on 'his' side than your rather diplomatic response. You were totally right though.

Just ignore them all, you're doing your job properly!