Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Obesity = Child abuse? Part II

After just watching the coverage on the local news about this boy here is what he eats on average in a day:

Bowl of chocolate cereal.
Toast with mayonnaise and processed meat.

French Fries
Whole pizza.

Fast Food take out.

Included in his day is 4 bags of chips as well as chocolate bars, cookies and other snacks every 20 minutes.

He weighs 4 x as much as a normal child his age and has missed a lot of school due to health issues.

This is clear neglect for your child's health and welfare.
The mother says she feels "obligated" to meet his demands. No. You're the parent, NOT the maid. YOU make the decisions NOT your child. Your child would not be this heavy if YOU put your foot down and said no.

If you don't buy the junk food or give him the choice of having junk food - guess what? He won't have it as much as he is! Sure he may get it from a friend but chances are he's not going to be eating off his friends to the amount that he is now.

Put your foot down and say NO to the cookies and pop and chips!

Your children will thank you for it - maybe just not right away.

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