Friday, March 9, 2007

About me: Meme

Here's a new meme!

favorite color: Pink
favorite food: Spaghetti
favorite drink: Coca-Cola
favorite ice cream: Chocolate
favorite movie: Troy
favorite T.V. show: The Simpsons
favorite store: Best Buy

who was your first crush: Derek Dickson.
do you believe in love at first site: No.
how long was your longest relationship: 8 Months.
where was your first date at: First "real" date was this past August in a little, tiny Italian restaurant called "Romanos". I don't see the guy anymore, but I still go to the restaurant because they have THE BEST Italian food and the waiter is a total hunk!

Have you:
have you ever gone on a blind date: Yes.
have you ever been in love: Yes.
have you ever kissed someone: Yes.
have you ever lied to someone: Yes.
cheated on a test: No.

First time you:
fist fought someone: I was 15, trying to protect my best friend.
stalked someone: I've never stalked anyone.
stolen something: I was in Grade 4 and I stole $1.50 from a classmate after being encouraged by another classmate.
smoked: First time I started as a "preventative measure" was when I was 8; my mother handed me the cigarette she was smoking (she rarely smokes). When I first started smoking for real - 15.
drank: 15 - New Years Eve party at my cousin's with mostly college/university kids. I got horribly, HORRIBLY drunk. I vowed never to get drunk again and I haven't.

How many:
how many pairs of jeans do you have: Three.
how many people have you dated: Four.
how many cell phones have you had: One.
how many times a week do you normally excercise: Nil - if you don't include the half hour strenuous walking I do to and from work.

There - I officially tag:

Dr. Anonymous.
Parenting Solved.
Fat Doctor.
Doc Shazam.

I unofficially tag anyone else who wants to complete the meme. Leave me a comment so I can come view your answers!

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