Thursday, March 1, 2007

Fired..well, almost. Part II

So as it turns out neither Patsy or Dr. Orthopod reported me. Ironically enough it was Marlene. Now, before I hear the "well that figures" from the audience, she didn't do it maliciously. She wrote an e-mail to the lead hand and explained what happened and voiced her concerns with this new rule and how it's effecting patient care. She mentioned my conversation with Dr. Orthopod and what I said so I'm assuming that the lead hand then forwarded a copy to the boss who then hauled me in.

All the same, when I reviewed what I'm sure that I said, I was falsely accused of being unprofessional but since I've only been working here 10 months, I'm not about to make waves.

I am now in the precarious position of trying to please two bosses at once. First, I need to please AA (the girl in charge of these new rules) because if I do not obey her commandments, I get raked over the coals. On the other hand, I'm to obey 400+ doctors who all believe their reports are more important than another's. Who would I rather anger?

Without a thought - AA.

I would rather be on the receiving end of any anger from her than the end of one of the doctors. Frankly, there's a few there (Dr. Ooh la la being one of them) that while nice and polite and charming as they are, I would hate to see angry. I've heard the tales. I've no desire to be involved in one of them.

Speaking of Dr. Ooh La La, while I was out having a smoke with Marlene on Tuesday he just about ran me over. I was leaning against a door that was hardly ever used and of course, he thrust it open nearly sending me into the nearby concrete wall.

I don't think I've mentioned how wonderfully colored his eyes are.............................................

Where was I? Oh yes, I spilled my hot chocolate and he apologized, offered to buy me a new one too! I said no, and then he apologized for interrupting our "fresh air". I looked at him with this deadpan expression, held up my cigarette and said "yea, some fresh air". Which made him laugh.

I feel special.

I also am happy that tomorrow (or rather today since it's almost 3 am) is Thursday which means it's my Friday.

Although I was not impressed with how Wednesday went; I've resolved that when I get back from Brazil, I'm getting my drivers' license and buying a car ASAP. I've had enough of taking the bus. The story, trust me, will be retold when I'm more awake and not cruising a sugar high caused by far too many cans of Coke.


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