Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Since when did guys like this:

become attractive? When was it judged that in order for a guy to be attractive, one must wear heavy eyeliner make up, dress somewhere between "punk" and "Elvis impersonations" and hang around with the guys that were always snorting and giggling in the science lab about the atomic weight of fart gas?

When did men like this:

stop being attractive?

How come everyone now-a-days desires these prissy little metrosexual, "I love kitty kats" type of guys. Or, alternatively, why do many desire the "I'm so emotionally drained and like my world is a black abyss where like I'm so totally going to die and like no one gives a damn. I think I'll go slash my wrists", eye make up wearing, girl jean sporting, whiny lyric producing boys?

What ever happened to desiring men who were strong, knew what they wanted, knew how to provide for and protect their families? What happened to the NORMAL guys? Who just want to live life NORMALLY? Without being so fcking emo?

I want a real man.

A man with muscles.

A man that can fix cars while drinking a beer.

That doesn't mind killing spiders and won't squeal in disgust if he sees a mouse.

Fuck metrosexuals.

I want a man.

I want a man so that I can feel more like a woman. I don't need to be worried about if my boyfriend can wear my jeans and look better in them than I do. What kind of fucked up universe are these people living in?!

Give me an outdoorsy, sportsy, lets-go-cut-down-our-own-christmas-tree, type guy over these princess boys any day.

Can you tell I have men on the brain lately?

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