Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Life still sucks. I'm trying to get into school to upgrade my high school courses so I can go to another school to become a cardiology technologist; they make about $10/hr more than I do now and frankly, I need the money. Mom always said when I was growing up "You gotta get a $20/hr job to live nice" - yea well I have that job and I'm just barely making it. So gotta get more schooling. Have given up on the med school idea after realizing - hey I'm stupid; ain't no way I'd even make pre-med.

Found out the final estimate on my car yesterday. There's $386 worth of damage done. The back bumper has to be replaced even though it's just scratched on the side. Now I have to find a good body shop with decent courtesy cars. But my car is awesome on gas; I went a week and a half without having to fill up and I drove a lot - like - a lot a lot. Not just back and forth to work, down to the gym which is an hour's drive, grocery store, etc. Lots of driving. Great on gas.

Thought I was going to finally get some help at night when I heard one of the casuals decided to take Marlene's departed position but then she backed out. It would have been nice since she's around my age and I'm starting to feel the effects of social isolation and having no friends. But I guess it's not meant to be. I'll keep fighting the ever growing list of urgents and fielding the phone calls from angry, bitchy doctors who can't understand why their report they just dictated 10 min ago isn't done yet and don't we have an hour's turn around time? Yea, with 400+ doctors and 1 transcriptionist at night, yes there is a 1 hour turn around time.... /sarcasm.

And I'm really starting to get sick of my job. I don't know how some of the girls have been doing it for 20 years. There's no stimulation. Mind you there's plenty of frustration when you can't figure out a word or 50, but it's like "oh what am I going to get today? Oh look, psych consult, psych consult, psych consult, colonoscopy x 100, dialysis consult,' rinse and repeat. The worst thing is, the urgent psych consults aren't even interesting. Most of them are "I've been smoking marijuana for x number of years and now I'm depressed but I'm not willing to go off the chronic to see if it's the cause of my low moods; just give me some of them good pills you gave to my baby's daddy's sister's husband's brother's daughter and no I dont want drug and alcohol counselling, I aint got no problem.." Some people are their own worst enemy.

Some days I wonder where I would be if I had followed my other career paths.

Would I be working at Pixar or Square Enix? Would I still be in school for computer graphics and animation? Maybe I'd be attending the prestigious, elitist Art academy down in that trendy section of the city.

Would I be over in Egypt being the one to discover Hatshepsut's remains? Or leaning against Kufu's great pyramid while eating lunch? Or maybe I'd still be going to that Egyptology school in Rhode Island that's super exclusive.

Chances are no. If I had followed any of those dreams, I'd still be living at home. So I guess this isn't so bad. I just wish I could find supplementary work to give me some extra cash.

Anyone know a good Doc in need of a great transcriptionist? *sigh*

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MTs said...

I think you could be a storyboarder for Dreamworks or Pixar.

Google Spline Doctors for inspiration :-)