Monday, August 20, 2007

10 Years

Where will you see yourself in ten years?

Me? At the moment I'm possibly counting on dead. If this is as good as life gets, I think I'd like to pull the plug; the water's gotten a little cold already.

I'm bitter.
I'm depressed.
And I'm off work for a week due to injury.
And I have enough pain killers to do some damage (I won't, don't be fretting).

This is going to be a fun week (not).

I could seriously use some of that "disappear off the face of the Earth" dust all these missing persons seem to have found.


Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hello.

Where have you been?

scalpel said...

We all hit low points, but things always get better eventually.

Hope you are feeling better.

NYC EMS said...

Lay in bed put on soft music turn off cell phone and take prescription drugs....drift away.