Monday, August 13, 2007


Well I'm in more debt to my parents thanks to Future Shop and Nikon.

That is my new baby. Nikon D40x, 10 megapixels, 18-55 mm zoom lens with additional 55-200 mm telephoto zoom lens at barely no extra charge. Four gig memory card, carrying case, extended warranty with yearly cleanings, and we're looking at $1600 more in debt to my parents who put it on credit since Future Shop wouldn't give me credit b/c my credit card is too new.

The pictures this thing takes are amazing. There's no lag between shutter button and shutter close, the pictures aren't blurry except the background which is supposed to be.

I looked at several cameras before deciding on this one. I looked at the Olympus Evolt, the Canon Rebel XT and the Canon Rebel XTi, a Pentax and of course the Nikon D40. I settled on this one because Nikon is a good name that I can rely on. It was cheaper than the Pentax which is a better name. I don't want to go with Canon again because of the problems I had with the Canon Powershot. The lenses are easily changed and it's 10 megapixels. And yes - megapixels DO make difference on photo quality. Whoever told me they didn't is an idiot. My cell phone has 2 megapixels, my camera has 10.. which do you think takes better pictures? Obviously the camera. Not the cell phone. My Canon had 3 megapixels the Nikon has 10.. more megapixels = more light per pixel = better photo quality.

Anyways, I'm in love. This thing it measures the nearest object you're going to take a picture of then lightly blurs the background so more focus is on that object. If it's a person, it also evens out skin tones automatically. I took a few pictures at home and while they're bad composition, they still look very professional. One was even an action shot of my dad doing this weird little jig, I just turned a bit and clicked the shutter button and captured a perfectly clear picture - not blurred in the slightest.

Simply amazing. Love it. *swoon*


Dr. A said...

I love new gadgets. And this one looks very cool. Hopefully, you'll be able to snap some pics for the blog!

Vijay said...

Hi SSG, My first comment here.
That's one cool camera. But I think its too costly for an amateur part-time photographer (I'm assuming you are one). Though I love to take pictures I couldn't justify splurging so much on a camera. I'm perfectly happy with my 5 MP Nikon Coolpix and my Motorola's 2 MP for the not to be missed candid-camera-like shots.
I liked the pictures that you posted today - more in the comments on that post.