Tuesday, March 13, 2007

He Got Moves

So today I dragged myself into the walk-in clinic across from the hospital all because of a pain my jaw that's been lasting since last Saturday (that's 3 days). I thought I had slept wrong on Saturday morning and just kinked my jaw, though I've never heard of that. Sunday came around and it was worse. Monday came and it was a smidge better and today it still hurts to smile, talk much, eat, drink from a straw or cup, and to spit (the toothpaste out!). It feels like I have bitten my cheek although I can't remember doing so, and that's sort of the thing you usually do remember; the pain, the embarassment of biting your cheek, the anger that your teeth betrayed you and decided to taste your own flesh etc. I've also noticed, when pushing on it, a spot on the bottom of my jaw being tender and sore and so, after debating it, I decided to haul myself into the doctor's office.

I don't usually like going to see a doctor unless I'm really sick. I don't feel as though a sore jaw is "really sick" and I usually feel guilty about wasting the doctor's time. But, on the other hand, I felt that I waited a sufficient amount of time for it to clear up on its own and that now, with my trip looming in the very near future (4 days btw), I figured that I better get it checked in case it's something moderately serious.

Unfortunately, I didn't leave the house until my usual time so I was about 10 min late for work. I got to the doctor's office about 10 minutes before my start of shift and only waited for about 3 minutes before the doctor came in. After hopping up on the onion skin papered table, I was then subjected to some serious fondling. He was massaging my face and if I wasn't so uncomfortable it might have been relaxing. Then he brought out the popsicle stick (yes I know it's a tongue depressor - it's just so much more fun to say popsicle stick). This is when he truly shone. This doctor had moves, I tell you! I've never had anyone inspect my mouth with such interest for so long before. I must have sat there with my mouth wide open for a good 5 minutes while he was swaying about, shifting position, wiggling, snapping his head back and forth, working the popsicle stick and light simultaneously in what could only be described as a very strange, oddly satisfying interprative dance which I call "Seeking Doctor". After that he started poking my tongue, shining the light down my throat, the roof of my mouth and on both cheeks. I could tell he was getting frustrated so I finally showed him by shoving my finger into my mouth and poking the spot that hurts. Hallejuliah! (spelling wrong I know!), the next time he jabbed the popsicle stick in there I jumped. He found it! He was happy too (probably because up until then he might have been thinking I was faking it). He poked around some more then hit the spot again and again I jumped and moaned.

After that, he fingered my cheeks some more (on the outside) and then found the spot under my jaw that hurt too. He passed over it a few times with no effect on me, before finally it hurt again.

After all this he said that I have a "white spot" where it hurts inside my mouth, likely due to a viral infection. The soreness on my jaw underneath is probably due to a lymph node being swollen because of the infection. He then said that the problem should clear up in about 8-10 days and that the lymph node might take a few weeks to clear. I then mentioned I was going out of the country on Saturday and he said if it has not cleared by Friday, to come back and we'll see what can be done.

I should note also that this was my second time with this particular doctor. The first time was back in November when I had my runny nose which lasted for 9 months. I'm talking fully blocked and running like Niagra falls all the time. After telling him I tried three different kinds of nasal spray, he prescribed me a nasal spray. >.<

Now, if I can only follow through on what the Gyneocologist suggested and get that damn blood test for PCOS. >.<


scalpel said...

You might try dabbing a little Zilactin on the spot if you can reach it. It burns at first, but it works really good for those oral ulcers. Get the gel kind, not the sticks.

SuperStenoGirl said...

Hey, I never thought of that! Orajel works great on just about everything so why not this? Thanks for the tip Scalpel!

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