Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Me meme

I am thinking about: Brazil!

I said: Thank you.

I want to: Pay off all my debt owed to my parents, soon!

I wish: That I were back in Brazil.

I regret: Not making more of an effort in school.

I hear: The sound of my coworkers typing.

I am: tired.

I dance: In the shower; probably not the safest place to do so.

I sing: When I'm alone.

I cry: When someone hurts my feelings, or when I happen to feel sad.

I am not: Going home early, even though I desperately want to.

I write: Rarely.

I confuse: My parents a lot.

I need to: Get to work.

I tag: Scalpel, Dr. Anonymous, Doc Shazam.

1 comment:

Dr. A said...

Thanks! I'll be working on it soon...