Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Online Dating

Apparently my blog is R-rated. The reason was the 7 times I've apparently said "suicide", the 3 times I've said "pussy", the two times I've said "kill", and the one time I've said "shit".

I'm trying hard to remember when I've said suicide and pussy. I probably said kill when referring to lopping off the head of a coworker off in LaLa Land somewhere and I use shit prolifically in every day language; except at work.

Is there something more extreme than R-rated? I mean, without getting into the XXX rating?


Jeff said...
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Jeff said...


Try the posts from 3/7/7, 3/30/07 and 5/18/7 as ways to "harden up" your rating.
Nothing like near sex stories to spice it up....you can share something even if you don't go all the way.
Or just keep your personal life to yourself and live with the R instead of trying to "upgrade" (?) to NC-17.

****spelling error in original post & I'm picky about that stuff****