Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bad news

Seems to follow me around this week.

Dad took Zoe to the vet today. They drew blood and said that even if the blood comes back clean, she probably has epilepsy. That epi-dogs always have clean blood work.

Then I get a message at work from my sister. Zoe had another seizure this afternoon. She was on her back, her mouth open, shaking violently.

I'm sick with worry. I'm crying. I can't even concentrate on my work. I know epilepsy isn't as bad as cancer or anything but, I dont want my baby girl to have epilepsy. She's my dog. She's my special friend. I love her more than I thought possible. Im so scared for her. I just wish I had her right now so I could hold her and cuddle her.

I dont know what we're going to do.
Mom and dad are discussing medication, but it's pricy. I just bought a car, I dont know how much I can chip in for it. But if her seizures are going to get more frequent.. she needs to have it.

I just don't know.

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