Monday, June 18, 2007


So even though Monday is technically my Tuesday, it still wasn't a great start to the week. Friday wasn't all that great either. I found out a childhood friend of mine who, granted was 4 years my junior, was killed last week after he ran his truck into a building; he was drunk at the time.

Today my mother found out she has 'pre-diabetes'.

Tomorrow my poor little Zoe-puppy has to go to the Vet because we think she might have epilepsy. She had a "fit" on the bathroom floor this morning apparently; flopped around like a fish. Dad said she couldn't even stand up afterwards and was limp. He carried her to mom's bed and wouldn't leave her for over an hour. He just sat and petted her and held her. I really hope it's nothing serious. I don't want to lose her. She's my baby. I broke down and sobbed on the way to work today thinking about it. Funny how even though my mother was diagnosed with what could end up as full blown diabetes, I wasn't as distraught as I was over the possibility of having to lose my dog. I can't think of life without her and even as I type this I'm starting to sniffle.

I'm trying to help my mother as much as I can. What do you say to someone who has been diagnosed with this? Sure, it's not as bad as say - cancer. But it's not good news either. The thought of losing her too, although not likely to happen to pre-diabetes, makes me cry. My mom is my best friend and I'd do anything to make her happy and healthy. We have such a strong bond, I never thought it would happen when I was growing up and she was hard on me. Now I realize she was the way she was because of what she was going through with depression and menopause among other issues. I know she loves me.

One good thing has come from today though. I was going to try and keep the secret until Saturday but I don't think I can.

I bought a car. Well, my parents cosigned for it so technically it's their car but I'm making the payments and insurance payments. I bought a 2004 Toyota Matrix XR. Fully loaded; the only thing missing is a sun roof and leather interior. It's only god 30,000 km on it and it still has 70% of the warranty on it. I pick it up on Saturday. I have to go out early tomorrow or Wednesday and get to the Autoplan place on the bus route to get insurance papers for it. Not sure if I'll be able to afford that until Friday though when I get paid. I also have rent coming out because I don't get paid until July 6 and I wont be home that day. So probably not the best time to go and buy a car but, a deal like the one I got for this one isn't going to come around again.

I'll have a few pictures posted on Saturday or Sunday of it. My parents are taking it back to their house with them 4 hours away though. That way I won't be tempted to drive it when I'm not allowed to (I only have my Learner's license so I can't drive by myself yet) and so that when I do pass my road test on July 6, I can drive my car home. God I hope I pass. Just need to remember to sloow down, I always drive about 5 to 10 over the speed limit which isn't good. :( Though I haven't gotten a speeding ticket yet and I've been driving for 4+ years.

I'm just praying now that everything goes okay with Zoe, and with mom. She has to go meet with the diabetes clinic sometime soon, so I hope they'll treat her well.


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