Monday, August 6, 2007

10 Things you didn't know about me (and probably wished you didn't)

1. I secretly enjoy children's shows, some of them. Guess it's not a secret now.
2. I have crushes on several of the doctors I see daily. And no, I won't tell who.
3. I hate dark chocolate.
4. My underwear has a smart ass attitude; well most of them do. 5.
I am terrified of needles.
6. I like watching old episodes of The Honeymooners.
7. I've always wanted to go super, punk/goth. Cut my hair and dye it pink, get tattoos and piercings. But I also like my very conservative job so..yea,.
8. I save things. Stupid things. Like a picture I drew 8 years ago. A test from grade 4. Those sort of things. That's why I have so many boxes in my place; just from saved stuff I can't bear to throw out.
9. I collect antiques. I have 4 glass bottles; three of collector additions of Kahlua and one glass one of Aunt Jemima. I also have an old video camera from the 60s. I want more, but I've run out of room for stuff.
10. I do not have a boyfriend, and I am happy in my singelness-ness. So there. :P

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