Monday, August 6, 2007

The Girls

It's amazing what a good push up bra does for you. For one it makes you lose 10 pounds instantly. For another thing, you get awesome cleavage. And another thing, you get bounce. Or at least you do when your girls are as big as mine. But you know what? I like it. Call me shameless but I enjoy that bouncy feeling. It's even more tantalizing when it's a strapless push up bra; mmm, feels like someones groping you the whole day (don't I wish).
Underwear and bras are my fetish. But I have fewer bras than I want since finding them in my size is hard. Underwear though I have enough to last me a life time. And they're all adorable, bikini cut with smart ass (no pun intended) phrases on them. QT4Eva is my favorite even though I had chat lingo.
What are some of your style favorites?
I really want a corset. I think they're utterly sexy and dramatic. I guess I am shameless. But I like it.
Besides, I got great boobs. Why not show em off? :)


Anonymous said...

If you've got it flaunt it I say.

Dr. A said...

I have no idea what the text says above. I'm totally hypotized by the picture. What are you saying? Hehe

Kiki B. said...

All-natural 40DD here. Most embarrassing moment with the boobs. I wear Frederick's of Hollywood bras. They're built like a sexy Mac truck. Very sexy with lace and all that, but amazing lift and support. I know the song says, "Love lift us up where we belong", but all the loving in the world isn't going to get these puppies back up where they belong.

Anyway, the hubby and I were out eating at a local deli the other day. I eating my pickle spear as we were chatting over dinner. I had gotten down to the last bite of it, where it is slightly wedge-shaped at the end. Stupid thing falls out of my fingers, and my boobs "catch" it. It lands right in the middle of my cleavage. Of course, we weren't exactly in private, at home, so everyone around could see what happened. I gingerly removed it, and placed it on my plate, went on with our conversation, all the while my hubby has a little gleam in his eye, as he is trying to keep from laughing. I finally say, "That was a tad embarrassing". So, sometimes it's good to have the boobs, but sometimes it's not, too.