Monday, September 10, 2007

Rich Bitch

I had the pleasure of almost being hit by one of these today and looking back, I kind of wished I had swerved into its path. Let me set up the scene for you:

I am travelling North East towards work and slowed down because the pedestrian controlled, flashing green light became solid and thus meant it would turn yellow. Yes people, I slowed down BEFORE it became yellow mostly because I have seen a few accidents where pedestrians walked out before the light was actually red. It turned yellow and I stopped. This particular place is on a bit of an incline and ahead of me, to my right is the hospital with the Emergeny Department entrance shortly after the lights. I glanced into my rear view mirror out of habit and noticed a large SUV (which I would later learn was a Porshe Cayenne) behind me. In the driver seat was a young woman, about 30-ish, large sunglasses with white rims. Someone with obvious money. The light then turned flashing green and I pressed on the gas.

Right after the lights that I was stopped at the speed limit is 30 km/hr due to the hospital zone and because there's doctor offices across the street on both sides of the hospital and in front of it it's very wise to be doing 30. Not to mention the amount of police that are usually around as we're a major trauma hospital in the area. I should mention that there's only 2 lanes; the one I was in and the oncoming lane. Directly after the lights I was at is the Emergency Department entrance which people pull in to, and right after that is a bus stop so naturally the street is a little wider. Right after the bus stop, are parked cars. Ahead of me, is a cross walk and a car in my lane turning left up the side street but waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. In front of him but in the oncoming lane, is an ambulance waiting for an opening to turn across my lane to get in through the ambulance entrance.

I had just passed the ED entrance and was just about to the parked cars when I had to hit the brakes.

Rich Bitch behind me gunned it, passed me on the right, and had less than 4 inches between my car and hers, and her car and the parked car to make it through then she was right on the ass end of the poor guy trying to turn left so she swerved, again narrowly missing the other parked car (ahead of the one that I was near) and into the line of travel of the ambulance who, until that point, had lots of time to go ahead and turn (as I was, like I mentioned, going slow due to the hospital zone). She narrowly missed the ambulance; he had to hit the brakes. I had to hit the brakes. If I had been another foot and a half forward, she would have hit me.

Naturally, when one is in such a situation you want to track the driver down and beat them senseless. But I had to get to work otherwise I most definitely would have followed, got the license plate and called the cops. If she would have hit me, I would have sued her for all she's worth (which judging by the car she was driving; was a lot). As it were, all I was able to do was lay on the horn as she swerved in front of me and just before she almost hit the ambulance. The whole incident probably took less than 4 seconds. She was going way above the speed limit (I was pushing it at about 35 km/hr); I'd wager she was going around 60 near the end.

Most of the time, I'm not usually angry when I drive. I get frustrated (like when the guy was doing 40 km/hr in a 70 zone in the left hand lane earlier today) but I rarely use the horn unless I feel I need to. I used it on the little Indian girl down the street as she was actively trying to get hit by my car (on her bike, swerving in front of me, pulling to the side and then shooting across the road again, riding up within inches of my car etc.); I scared her but obviously that's what she needs since her parents obviously didn't teach her road sense. I used it on another guy who cut me off in the middle of an intersection causing me to have to swerve into oncoming traffic so as to avoid being smacked by him. And I've used it to let a guy know it was a green light when all he did was just sit there. I don't get angry a lot when I drive. As long as I don't hit or get hit, I'm usually a level headed driver.

But today I lost it. I actually wanted to smash this woman's head in. Not only did she endanger my life, she endangered her own, plus the guy in the car turning left, plus the ambulance drivers plus any pedestrians that might have stepped out from between the parked cars. I wished I would have moved to the right just a bit, I wish I would have clipped her. I wish I could have tore her a new one. How irresponsible can you be to endanger so many lives because you choose not to obey the speed limit in a hospital zone. I almost wish this catches up to her, either with the police nabbing or her bad driving habits catching up. And I almost hope that I'm the typist who gets to write up the report. Bad karma? Maybe, but I'm willing to suffer through it this time.

You don't endanger so many lives like she did and get away scott free.

She of course, in reaction to my blowing the horn for a good 70 feet, leaned out the window and fingered me. Nice. Those are some nice manners your momma taught you Miss Rich Bitch.

Real nice.

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