Tuesday, September 4, 2007


You know, I never really thought much about my eyes until today when I was looking at one of the pictures I took of myself in my car yesterday; it turned out quite well and with a bit of tweaking in CS3 it looks even better. One thing that stood out (and has in other pictures) are my eyes. There's one photo I have, taken via my webcam, and when I added it as my display picture on MSN a friend in Red Deer Alberta said "Holy shit, what amazing eyes!". On singles sites I've often received e-mails touting the awesomeness of my eyes. Of course, I'd always deleted them and shrugged it off as guys trying to get laid but this picture I took yesterday made me sit up and take notice.
What color are those eyes? To me, they look blue. But then when I look at them again, they look green-y. When I look in the mirror, my eyes are green with gold flecks (I had an ER doc comment on them once; the gold and color of my eyes, something about lovely contrast or something) inside. Sitting in a room, they look greenish-blue. On another image taken from my webcam, they look baby blue.

Is it the lighting? The composition? Shadows? What?

Also, I should mention when I cry or get overly emotional, my eyes turn vivid green. One ex boyfriend described me as the "human mood ring", not necessarily a term I liked.

If eyes are the window to my soul, and I can't figure out what color that window is, does that reflect on the state of my soul?


Chrysalis Angel said...

Beautiful photo. You do indeed have gorgeous eyes. If someone has beautiful eyes, I find myself looking into them and can barely hear what they are saying to me.

SeaSpray said...

Very pretty eyes! They look blue.

I love the color of my eyes when I cry-kind of turquoise blue but other times sea blue or blue gray.

Good question.