Saturday, December 9, 2006


I did not want to go out today but nonetheless I got up around 9 am and had a shower then I fiddled with the computer for a while and around noon I went and laid down "just for a minute". Next thing I know it's 3 pm and I'm not even dressed. So I drag myself up and get dressed and leave. I get to the big mall, Metropolis, at around 4:30 and then the fun begins. What am I supposed to buy everyone? We're not a 'clothes' family - since we're all different sizes I can't accurately judge anything. What does my dad like? Horses, cowboys, western stuff. What does mom like? God I don't even really know. Cooking and stuff like that. Sister? She's the only easy one to buy for. Then I had to think of my grandparents who are coming out from Ontario this year. What do THEY like? They're Catholic so I pretty much knew what to get them; though I did call home at one point and asked my mom "Do you think they'd be offended if I got them a bobble head Jesus?" the answer was a loud YES!

So I didn't get them that. Then I tried to get them an embroidered throw blanket but every place I went to had a cut off date for stuff by Christmas of December 7 so I was S.O.L there. I finally found a store that I had known about before which is filled with lots of neat artsy stuff. There's this huge garden fountain with a fairy as its base and fairies above in the fountain - just lovely. Anyway, they had a bunch of Catholic stuff; a few good statues of Mary, about 6 or 7 different types of crucifixes and other stuff; there was even a ROTATING Mary but I figured that would be in the category as my idea for an oscillating Jesus fan and chose not to get that. What I did get was a wall plaque with a round picture of the last supper and the words "Give us this day our daily bread" next to it in bronze. I figured they'd like it since I've seen other ones like it in their house.

All in all I think everyone should be pleased with what I got. The list is:

  • Wall plaque for grandparents.
  • Cards with grandparents names on them and what their name means.
  • Three Clint Eastwood movies for dad.
  • T-shirt for dad that reads "Save a Horse ride a cowboy" to go with the one I bought him for father's day which read "They say I have the body of a God...too bad it's Buddha".
  • T-shirt for my sister reading "Sword of Mana" (video game).
  • Walkthrough guide for Final Fantasy 12 (mom bought her the game for Christmas).
  • Oscar Dela Renta (sp) perfume for mom along with ODLR hand lotion etc.
  • Little gold cross necklace on chain for Nanny (grandma).
  • Cowboy snowman Christmas ornament for dad.
  • Sheryl Crowe CD for mom.
  • Nightmare before Christmas book ends for Sister.
I think that's a good list, don't you? It is after all my first Christmas being able to buy gifts for the family without spending my parents' money. I feel kind of proud.

It only took me 3 1/2 hours to do all my shopping and I only had the urge to kill someone once, right near the end, when I was cut off in line and when I spoke up I got told to shut the ___ up. Oh well, 'tis the Season!

But I am so glad, SO glad I am done. I wanted to pick up a Nintendo DS for my sister but I just can't find one for less than $149 and I'm not prepared to spend that when I don't know for sure she'd really like it. I am however, picking up one game for her she really wants; it's an older game for the Nintendo 64 and I hope, no I'm praying that my 'secret source' has it because I haven't been able to locate it anywhere else.

That will be done Monday before work.

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