Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Well, I was hacking up a lung when Dr. Ooh La La was in the office asking for a coworker to help him find an old dictation to see if it was typed and he stopped talking, looked over at me and went "You need to go home. You're sick". In between coughs I went "ya think?" then laughed. Thankfully he has a sense of humor and so he laughed as well.

I stayed until 6 pm though before saying screw it and leaving.
I'm actually starting to think its bronchitis, so if I'm still coughing and wheezing tomorrow I'm going to the doctor. I have 24.7 hours of sick time to take so theoretically I could take the rest of the week off but then I'd have no more sick time for a while.

Either way - I'm home. I'm sick.

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Kevin said...

EVERYBODY'S getting sick. I myself was sick for 4 days last week. No coughing, just fever that fluctuated between 99.3 and 101.8.

Hope you're better soon.